The Coder’s Club

Renaissance 21 is proud to announce that we are in the initial round of fundraising for the launch of a pilot run of The Coder’s Club, an offering from our Star Tech Global Academy (STGA) program.

The pilot of The Coder’s Club is conducted in partnership with Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS), a nonprofit that provides services and support for Seattle area homeless and street-involved youth and young adults. The Coder’s Club provides the diverse, at-risk youth at PSKS (ages 13-19, 57% minority, 54% male) with cutting edge STEM curriculum that teaches the basics of computer programming for desktop and mobile website applications. Applications are developed for local small businesses to solve their real world problems, with a special emphasis on Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBEs).

In sum, The Coder’s Club tackles the STEM achievement gap while helping small WMBE’s simultaneously. All current fundraising is being directed toward this initiative. If you’d like to help, please hit the “Donate” button on the top of the page or send us an email for volunteer opportunities. Thanks so much!

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