The Pathways to Pathways


Warm up November with positive energy – join us for the Pathways to Pathways Walk-Jog-Bike-a-Thon to put At-Risk and Homeless youth on the Pathway to the STEM Workforce!



1) Sign-in Online!

2) Spread Awareness by sharing that you’re participating with friends/family/neighbors.

3) Ask them to support you by: sharing your participation OR pledging a donation on your behalf.

GOAL: To raise community engagement for the mission of STEM education and support for at-risk youth. Objective: 50+ Participants.

Donations not required to participate. 100% of donations received benefit The Coder’s Club, Providing STEM Education & Support for At-Risk Youth.

DATE:  Saturday  November 05, 2016

TIME:  In-Person:  anytime from 2:30pm – 4:30pm

-OR-  Remote Participation:  Anytime on Sat, Nov 5

LOCATION:  In-Person: Genesee Park Loops (Covered Picnic Tables Area):4316 S Genesee St., Seattle, WA 98118

-OR-  Remote Participation:  Check in Online at Your Favorite Workout Location

Family Friendly: Children Welcome!

Rain or Shine: Ponchos Provided !

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More Information

We have Mapped out 3 loops at Genesee Park for participants to walk, jog, and bike. We recommend the Small Loop for families with small children.

Genesee Park Small loop.png                 Genesee park large loop.png                 genesee park bike loop.png  genesee bike loop gradient.png


Star Tech Global Academy can provide STEM education to at-risk and underrepresented youth anywhere via an innovative mobile supply system.